Visual and Curatorial Arts Bio

Pía Cruzalegui is an independent curator and artist based out of Chicago with a mobile practice throughout the US, Latin America and Europe. She is founder and director of Twisted Oyster Film & New Media Festival, Kinetic Art Projects and the Otravision virtual project. She has been curating film, performance, digital media and installation works for large group exhibitions presented at the Zhou B Art Center since 2014. She has also also collaborated with established Midwest artists and curators, created the UnLock Hause project and co-curated it with Alba Soto, has been featured in ACS Magazine, Peripheral ARTeries Art Review and Voyage Chicago. She has been invited to interview time-based media artists and write for Art and Cultural Strategies, has conducted presentations and lectures throughout Chicago and has held exhibits of her own works in North and South America, Europe and the Middle East. She is currently working on a co-curatorial project with Marina Liebishkis to open in Miami, December 2018 and projecting a virtual exhibition platform with Coral Pereda-Serras to launch in 2019.

Art and technology is a powerful combination, and Pía makes use of all digital art forms to immerse the audience into a sensorial experience. Her projects take into consideration the vestibular sense, ASMR and frequency wave vibrations. Each of her projects function as vehicles for expression of social and global concerns where artists and curator voice their preoccupation as a unit. She is interested in opening up spaces that give continuance to her projects, and explores and promotes experimental works through new mediums of art to include virtual and augmented realities, in recent times. All of her artistic and curatorial projects carry a mission to connect and unpack issues in a visually and auditory stimulating manner while enabling the intersections of filmmaking and visual arts, explorations of the human condition and documentation on femininity, spirituality, immigrant life, Latin America and climate change.

In her studio, Pía is devoted to researching global issues from her standing as a modern woman and a 21st century curator and artist, often raising the query of her position as an expat Latin American, a foreigner in her North American home, a friend, a daughter, a lover, a traveller and a professional in a global spectrum. She documents life instances through the lens of her camera, collects video, writes and conducts research while riding trains and other forms of massive transit, all of which have become the equivalent of a studio in most recent times.

Her growth results from observation, social experimentation and the hundreds of conversations, studio visits and interviews she holds with artists, filmmakers and other curators during self guided residencies. Through her curatorial projects she has facilitated the engagement of many artists and filmmakers while promoting the value of experimental works expansively.

Pía Cruzalegui is a member of the VADB-Comunidad de Arte Contemporáneo Latinoamérica, Chicago Sculpture International and Fractured Atlas. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Film and Multimedia from Florida Atlantic University, and an MFA in Studio Practice from the School of the Art institute of Chicago.